Watcha' Workin' With?
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Thread: Watcha' Workin' With?

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    Watcha' Workin' With?

    Greeting's AO. I was wondering what everyone is "working with" and what they use it for. By that, I mean how many computer's/system's do you have, what OS and what is it used for. For me:

    * Win98 for Main Computer, Internet Browsing, MP3/Audio, and Gaming.

    * WinMe for Guest's and Exploitive/Vulnerability Testing.

    * OpenBSD for HTTP/E-Mail/FTP server.

    * Win2k for Project's/Business Related, Services Server. (Soon To Be)

    So, what do you have and what is it used for?
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    May 2003
    St. Petersburg, FL
    P4 Laptop dual booting XP and SuSE 9.1.

    I do everything with this machine.

    (At work I have a busted ass old Celeron...)
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    Redondo Beach, CA
    Slack 9.1 (soon hopefully 10) for Websurfing, music listening, web "coding" (simple stuff), home machine: Laptop (PIII 600)

    WinXP for work (email primarily): P4 ? (it's a no name brand through the school -- think cheap!)

    Two play boxes (both in various states of disarray due to laziness): generally some variation of *nix on either one (P100 and PPC 225).
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    P4M Laptop with Slack 10 right now, but I've changed about 3 distros in the past week... still looking for that perfect one . Just about anything should be done with this box, but I'm considering having it for mainly security purposes.

    Another P4 desktop that's not really mine anymore [gave it to father] but I use it for storage most of the time. I was planning on having a busted old computer used as a server or test box, but I have to see when I'll have time to build it up and whatnot.

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    P4 laptop..Xp Home
    This gets used and abused for everything i do at home.

    Dell Axim x5 Advanced...PPC2003
    Mainly used as an mp3 player and for reading Ebooks, I love gadgets.

    Another laptop... xp Home
    For the kids

    P3 desktop..Xp pro/ soon to be 2003 server
    When i get the dam thing back from my ex-wife.

    Work is a celeron powered Heap.
    Mostly data entry, email and despatch tracking.
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    Sep 2001
    Home : Just changed from - Win98se, PII, 128 ram
    [New box] - Win XP pro, 2.4ghz, 512 ram

    Work - Win XP Pro, P4, 256RAM but I have a brand new Dell Optiplex sitting in box that got delivered on thurs for me at work i aint set up

    Also at work I use a variety of PCs Ranging from simple Agent Terminals to GTX Dialer

    Spare/Test boxes - couple of old 166's and somewhere gathering alot of dust a MAC performa 460


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    New York, New York
    Well I have one box which has Win2k Pro with a P3 processor and 10gb of HD space planning on buying a used HD soon..

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    Aug 2001
    Centrino 1.3Ghzx/256Mb RAM Toshiba Satellite M10 laptop, currently running XP and dual boots with Linux (various distros) as my main computer.

    Crummy TIME laptop (512Mb RAM, dunno about the processor - 1+Ghz) that I will probably have to send back because it keeps segfaulting (hardware is knackered I think) which I am installing Slackware 10 on now. Used for playing around, sniffing local network traffic for debugging stuff etc.

    1.3Ghz AthlonXP/256Mb PC running FreeBSD (only machine it will boot on) as a server to play around with and learn Unix on.
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    United Kingdom: Bridlington
    PII/266..........128MB EDO RAM 2.1 & 6.4 HDDs

    WinME................ ...but I like it........I guess I have about 30 machines, and the bits for another 3

    Sometimes I use my XP or Win98 boxes............or one of my Win2k...........or the Win NT4.......

    I guess that I am a confused creature?...............but I AM A MAN. and can have as many computers in the house as I like..............some will understand that? (My Wife doesn't)

    Now, if you wanted to talk about my museum...........

    Ack! cheers for now

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    Celeron 1.7 384meg ram dual hardrive, XP Home & Pro, Redhat 9, soon to be Slack 10/Vector4.0 (main comp.)
    P11 400 384meg ram Suse 9.1 personal (going to add another hardrive and freebsd 4.10)
    Celeron 1.3 384meg ram freebsd5.2.1(other hardrive?)
    p100 16meg ram (working on openbsd 3.0 to use as a firewall)
    25Mhz 4meg ram(not sure what I am going to do with this yet) maybe a big paper weight?

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