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    AIM Offline

    I just found this couple of days ago

    Sending a user a message when he's offline ! When the user get online, he will receive the mesage.

    First send an IM to "AIMOfflineB1", type in anything like "."

    then another IM box will pop-up...the message will be

    "AIMOfflineD4: What screen name do you want to send an offline message to? ( Type C to cancel )"

    Then type in the screen name you wish to send the message to ! Like CrashCourse01 (Raion)

    "SysAdmnOP: CrashCourse01
    AIMOfflineD4: What message would you like to send? ( Type C to cancel, type R to activate a return receipt )"

    Type in the message like "Whats up lamer"

    SysAdmnOP: whats up lamer
    AIMOfflineD4: That message will be sent to crashcourse01 the next time s/he signs online.

    The user will receive the message when he gets online.

    www.aimoffline.com is the official site.

    I didnt find anything wrong with this (getting spam afterwards or something) so its looks good. It's a nice trick too.

    Maybe this should go into Tips & Tricks ?

    Well, thats it !

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    You used to be able to do this on ICQ (don't know if you still can), and it was damn annoying because all the spammers have to do is send out messages to everyone then disconnect, they don't have to wait for you to come online or anything. It's open to abuse and confusing as hell (if someone sends me an IM, I expect them to be online to reply to).

    If you want to send a message to someone when they're not online, there's this wonderful little thing called email...
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    Hey, nice find.

    /me spams NemorY with multi-off line messages
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