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Thread: Video Cards for a Dual Boot system

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    Video Cards for a Dual Boot system

    I am designing a new system. In it, I intend to create a dual boot to the Windows 98 SE operating system, and Linux(most likely Red Hat). I need information on video cards that support both OS'. I'm not sure if it's the site I go to for information, but one lists the card I had decided upon(ATI Radeon 128MB 9800 Pro) as being supported by Windows OS' only. Can anyone tell me if Linux will also support it, and if not, suggest me a video card of equivilant or greater power. Thanks a lot.

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    as far as i know, the radeon is supported by redhat 9.0, but you would have to download and install the driver...

    this also goes for nvidia, the geforce fx5900 is also supported that way by redhat.

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    This link lists all hardware from certified to unsupported for redhat linux

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