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Thread: Starting a Repair Busness.

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    Lightbulb Starting a Repair Busness.

    I am thinking about starting to run an ad in my newspaper, Saying that i would fix computers and such. I am just trying to figure out how to charge for it. i already fix all my parnets friends computers. Please keep in mind this is a very small town.

    Thank you for listneing to my babble. if you can't understand it please tell mt to clarfiy .

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    You can either charge by the hour or by the job. Or a combination of both.

    Such as, if you know it would take you 2 1/2 hours to reformate and reinstall a windows system, you could charge $48 an hour for $110 for the job. Or on a job such as that, you could have a flat rate of $75 because you know that most of the time you will be just sitting there waiting.

    What you charge per hour is totally up to you and what your potential customers would be willing to pay. If you charge too much, you will not get customers. And if you charge too little, then you are selling yourself short. Take the time and go to some repair shops in the surrounding area and see what they charge, then price yourself a little lower to attract customers. After you have established yourself and built a customer base you can raise your pricing to the equivelent of what the other shops charge. (and then someone just starting will undercut you.)
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    Mox~ is right

    If they bring the problem to you, that is much better, as you can do several jobs at the same time...........call out is much more expensive? as you can only do the one.

    Now, given that you can probably get a decent new computer for $500, why not consider paying $50 for the problem ones, fixing them and charging only $300

    It is a disposable society is it not?

    just my thoughts

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    Ahh, ya know I was getting ready soon to start a similiar thread because I'm opening up a new business as well that will have Computer Repair as one of the primary service's. IMO you should charge by the job per hour. Look at like this: If a new installation of an OS is needed, set a price for it yourself. If it take's longer than expected because of a format or whatever, then set a price for the hour per hour. Good luck with your business, by the way.
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    That's exactly what I'm looking into as well. The faster I can become sufficiently self-employed the happier I'll be. There's just something about me that doesn't fit the "corporate lackey" mold too well.

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    Good Stuff,

    I was visiting some friends in Buffalo NY the other day and went into a large computer store for a memory stick. The hdd's and memory sticks were behind a glass case right next to the support/repair counter. While I was standing in line, two folks approached the repair desk and was willing to pay almost anything just to have a Hyjacker removed. The going price: $89.00 per box. The dude did describe all the other things he would do to clean out any viruses, malware etc. The scary part was that there were 5 other computers ahead of theirs for almost the same thing. So there is $$ to be made even with the simple stuff and your shop should do well if you please the customer and let him/her spead the word.

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    Everybody seems to want to start a computer repair business these days (myself included)...heh.
    Here's a little something I wrote about it.

    One thing you should keep in mind (maybe you are, but I definitely don't see anyone mention it): the legality of your business.
    Make sure you've got properly written contracts, that you cover yourself in case something goes wrong,... and don't get in trouble with the IRS

    A little example: make sure you know the (dis)advantages there are to the different business structures. Going with a sole proprietorship is the easiest option, but keep in mind that if you ever get in debt (and that risk is real in sue-happy America), creditors may go after your personal assets for satisfaction of debts. If you go with another option, you're facing a stack of paperwork...

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    Yes taxes will be your biggest worry. A quick way to make cash is to put out a add stating you will make his or her computer faster than it already is. Most of that can be cleaned up with tools on one cd, then charge extra to put in some old RAM you salvaged. Clean out the start up, defrag,bam instant $25-30. hour-minimum(house calls)

    I read them in the paper all the time, private homes offering some type of comp repair. I know for a fact that you can charge atleast 40 dollars to install some type of wireless set ups or to install anything period. When I was in highschool I worked afternoons and weekends at a comp repair store, the main reason someones comp would not turn on was a bad CPU fan they would charge 50 dollars for parts and labor for a 8 dollar fan and 20 minutes worth of work.

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    I charge how I want to charge.

    Something like a Video card Install, or HD install, OS install etc etc I charge a flat fee for it not hourly.

    Somethinlike like $35 to install a video card, $75 for a OS install.

    Usually thats the best way to do it I think since most jobs take under a hour. As far as a hourly fee, I charge $35 a hour first hour is $35 no matter what then pro rated after that.

    Now if your doing something like building a computer, I just add about $150 - $200 on to the price that it costs me to build it. YOu get a a lot of jobs, and the money can start pooring in.

    btw: most companies here charge $45 to come out to your house and work on your computer then $40 a hour.

    If you get into home networking, I charge anywhere from $150 - $500 just depends on teh job. I also do small business network administration /design and thats usually about $800 or so dollars for 3-4 days work @ 6-8 hour days. I could make more but most of the business networking I do is family. lol so ttheres not a whole lot of room for me to charge them. But it is nice considering I get a company card and putt all my gas/groceries on that card

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    A place down the road here charges $65 an hour. The big places like compUSA and BestBuy charge flat fees but I forget the range.
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