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Thread: Free CCNA and Security info site

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    Lightbulb Free CCNA and Security info site

    Hey all,

    I ran into this link in the NANOG postings. I hope anyone interested in CCNA or security, will find it useful.

    Book description is here:

    Book and other info downloadable here:

    Worth a good looking over.

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    Not trying to burst your happy bubble but that has been posted before

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    I dont mean to offend you with this post but here it goes... I'm also new to this site and as an advice, and as often said here, check out the postings to avoid redundancy. The site you posted is good though and since it was re-posted, it should refresh the memory of others and it may even be useful for some.

    Again, Have a nice day.
    If your curious, your probably interested.

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