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    Vorlin: Nice rant By the way, most of the McDonald's in my area still have the Super Size menu
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    Hehe, yeah, I got really peeved at that...at least in Florida, they're mostly gone. From what I was told by a McD's manager, it's worldwide so it'll be changing although I have no idea how it affects other countries...go figure.
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    Originally posted here by Vorlin
    Except the fact that MCDonald's has now catered to the fat asses of the world by removing their Super Size menu because of the lawsuits they were getting because these fat bitches were buying the meals, getting their supersize fries and drink, and then blaming the supersize menu for them getting fatter!

    It's not a SUPER SIZE problem, it's a KNIFE-FORK-AND-SPOON PROBLEM... Help yourself to that treadmill, not another piece of pie!

    Now, as a side result, I no longer eat at McDonald's because I can no longer get my Super Size (44oz, not 32) drink without ice and I'm a thin guy. I should sue them because of emotional damages caused by me not being able to get a super size drink, rofl...

    God, I hate people sometimes... In Florida, there are more fat asses than you've ever seen anywhere else and it shocks me to no end the lack of care these people show for the environment, their bodies, the people around them....it's utterly disgusting.

    On the topic of spam, hehe...it'll never stop. I just switched email addresses and it'll never get told to anyone unless that person's a close friend, family, or I'm swapping DNA with them. Period. Anyone that sends me spam gets that email address (working or not) added to about 20 sites I know that send spam mail. And now, I'm getting real good at message dissemination and header manipulation, hehe...
    in order to keep this vorlin's post hidden, ill put mine hidden.

    Vorlin you know they don't use knives spoons or forks man thats just a waste of time for them

    o and by the way, my state still has supersized options (oklahoma)

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