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Thread: Encrypting DB2

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    Encrypting DB2

    Dear All;
    I wish to get a package or open source code that enable me to encode the data exist in the DB2 tables.

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    What are you using to put the data in the database? PHP? ASP? Something else? Most of the time, the programming language that you use will be able to perform some type of encryption. So, for example, in PHP if you don't want plain text passwords, you could use the md5 function to give you a long string, this string is only a one way hash, so when the user enters his password on your site, you'd md5 it again and see if the string matches. In this manner, you can keep sensitive data store in your db, without having to put the load on the db itself.

    Hope the info helps.

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    since DB2 is plaguing all platforms (there is palm version), please tell us from which platform. IBM is trying to "standardize" DB2 on all platforms but its version dependent. Ahn, tell the version that u trying to.
    In some platforms, DB2 already has encription capabilities on:
    a) connection - secure connections
    b) column lvl encription
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