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Thread: Network Intrusion Detection 2nd Ed. vs 3rd Ed.

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    Network Intrusion Detection 2nd Ed. vs 3rd Ed.

    I recently ordered Network Intrusion Detection: An Analysts Handbook 2nd Edition by accident, not knowing there was a 3rd edition!
    Does anyone by any chance either have both editions or have read anything that explains the difference between the two editions...I'm wondering if I should go to the trouble of returning it..


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    I actually have all three versions. I've lent my 3rd out to someone but IIRC (and looking at the Amazon site) the changes were mostly due to changes in attacks that had happened over the years (adding new ones) as well as adding Snort rules and filters. Personally, I find it's the first two sections that are really the meat of the book (getting into the nitty gritty of understanding how to detect attacks using something as simple as tcpdump) that are critical. Those two sections were entirely the 1st edition so it's grown.

    But that's my view. If the order is from Amazon you should be able to return it and get the latest version fairly easily if you really want the updated version.

    Amazon's Free Peak at Network Intrusion Detection 2nd Edition, Table of Contents

    Amazon's Free Peak at Network Intrusion Detection 3rd Edition, Table of Contents
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    thanks msmittens
    I ordered the book through Amazon's used book system...I found an 11 dollar copy of (I THOUGHT) the third edition while browsing the page for that book, but when I recieved it I realized that the seller had simply sold me an older version for more money that I could have gotten it for! (there are copys for sale on amazon for somewhere around 2 dollars haha)...
    Im kinda upset, but I dont really want to go through the whole hassle of returning it, especially if the "meat of the book" is still there
    thanks for your help

    ps - How did you find the "look inside this book" feature...i remember looking at excerpts from the book before I bought but, but now there seems to be no way for me to get to it for any books! haha, i dont know why youd know but i guess its worth a shot

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