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    Post Blinkx

    From PCMagazine,1759,1620999,00.asp
    A different kind of search engine............
    I don't have a clue where to put this

    It looks real interesting, and I am going to give it a whirl, when the broadband version is available. Will add findings as and when.

    [Blinkx Links
    An intriguing new program, Blinkx, has the ability to search local files, e-mail, or the Internet without using keywords. Instead, it automatically analyzes the content of files or Web pages and finds related information. Blinkx is now in public beta and will be available at the end of July. Check out today's Product Bulletin for more info. ]
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    A rather interesting technology, could be useful. I'm not sure if I would trust the integrity/security of it all though. It indexes your harddrive just like WindowsXP does, therefore causing a performance issue...then just access the net randomly to give you related items. It seems to be better off as a proof-of-concept to me. Thats just my $.02.

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    Looks and sounds great for people who really don't want much of a hassle searching for files or content. I personally perfer using google to find the content and the search function built in to the O.S I am using at the time to find files.

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    i prefer:

    find / -name " " -print


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