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Thread: Opera Browser Address Bar Spoofing

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    Opera Browser Address Bar Spoofing

    Just found this on Secunia's site.

    Secunia Advisory: SA12028
    Release Date: 2004-07-08

    Moderately critical
    Impact: Spoofing
    Where: From remote

    Software: Opera 5.x
    Opera 6.x
    Opera 7.x

    bitlance winter has discovered a vulnerability in the Opera browser, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to conduct phishing attacks against a user.

    Disable support for Javascript.

    Input the URL to trusted sites directly in the address bar and don't follow links from untrusted sources.

    Read Security Bulletin
    Neon Security

    It\'s time to put an end to malicious code & black hat hackers - Use a firewall and anti virus!

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    well Ill be damned when a program gets more popular all of a sudden more flaws are Found. so I guess its not just microsoft thats messing up?

    I wish someone would have predicted this would happen. </sarcasm>
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    thx for the headsup..

    secunia is realy making a name now..
    they have been the source of a lot of "bug reports" as of late..

    well worth a bookmark imho..
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    I am sure that vulnerability will be fixed very soon. thanks for the information on that Neon wizard

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