[COLOR=deeppink]OH BOY!! i made 3 msgs already and ill clicked on something and my msg will disappear
My Question is, im playing here in the Philippines a very popular online gaming named Ragnarok, and all of a sudden they implemented something about franchising that they will block all foreign IP's.. However, Im a local user and a lot of users are affected by this.. It is bec. they claimed we are using an international gateway.. How can that be? Is that possible? But its really a question of franchising, they said players who lives inside the Philippines and those who meet thier criteria can play.. It's too bad cause i bought too many cards just to play thier game and all of a sudden without any warning they blocked us.. We kept on asking them and telling them that we are in the Philippines and that we are local players.. but all i get is a deadend [COLOR=deeppink]