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Thread: minimal linux

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    minimal linux

    I want to understand the working of linux, so i wanted to install linux with minimum basic support and then expand it as i understand use of each file.....,
    i Wanted to know how to achive this.....?
    Can someone help me

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    You would have to get an already built distribution [such as SlackWare, SuSE or Fedora Core 2] and choose the absolute basic install. The minimum. Kernel, source and drivers. From then on you will have an almost 'virgin' system that should allow you to learn a lot. But make sure to have some form of connecting to the Internet, that is the only way to survive

    IMHO,the first thing you should learn is how to recompile your kernel... and recompile it. Add drivers, modules... Last time I tried to install KDE from scratch it quit with an error after 6 hours. Be prepared for such hardships.

    [P.S. browsing with Lynx is fun ]

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    Or you can try Linux From Scratch


    As hypronix stated be prepared to put in the time and the frustration, especially if you have never use linux before. If you want to see what linux is about and just try it without too many problems, I would go with one of the bootable cds to get your feet wet


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    They call it a virgin system, because you'll probably end up sacrificing a few of them to get it to work. You're best bet would be Slackware or Libranet because both are good for this, as Slackware is good with bare bones systems, and Libranet has a good tool for recompiling the Kernel for newbies.

    Don't even try kidding yourself into believeing this is going to be all great, nice, easy, or fun at first if you REALLY want to learn.

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