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Thread: IE error cant read memory

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    IE error cant read memory

    (sorry that part of this message is in swedish i hope u will undertand)
    That happend when i close IE.
    I getting error msg like

    Händelsetyp: Information
    Händelsens källa: Application Popup
    Händelsekategori: Ingen
    Händelse-ID: 26
    Datum: 2004-07-10
    Tid: 12:20:33
    Användare: Saknas
    Dator: HOME-U2BUB7M35I
    Program-popup: iexplore.exe - Programfel : Instruktionen på "0x019a40dd" refererade till minnet på "0x019a40dd". Det gick inte att utföra en minnesåtgärd. Följande fel returnerades: The memory could not be "read".

    Klicka på OK om du vill avsluta programmet.

    Mer information finns i Hjälp- och supportcenter på sidan http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
    B4 this i have installed nero but when i uninstalled nero agane i got same error.

    I putting here picture of error too.
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    What OS do you use?
    What version of IE are you using?
    What website were you visiting?

    Did you patch IE in the last month?
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    I can't read swedish but before you reinstalled nero did you uninstall it? I don't even know if nero has anything to do with the rest of your post...
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    I using windows xp pro and IE6.
    And IE worked good before i installed nero, i dont know how and why it happend.
    I keep my computer clean(av,fw) and updated. I trying to keep it safe.
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    IE had an update patch recently, go to MS site, check for updates.
    nero shouldn't be the culprit, you COULD be in a small heap of hurt.

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    this site is full of tips for 'tweaking' W2003Server, W2K, XP.
    check your fault code out.
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    I would suggest running ad-aware and spybot to check for ad-ware. Xupiter has a tendency to cause iexplorer to crash.

    I would also run hijackthis to check for browser hijacks. Note: if you run hijackthis be careful as it lists a lot of stuff, including some needed stuff. Don't remove anything from it unless you know what you're doing with it.

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