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Thread: iptables question

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    iptables question

    I recentrly installed Slackware Linux 10 into a box with static ip address (my first one, its hard here in greece to have dsl internet).

    I have a problem with iptables:
    I dont know how to tell iptables to block a specific port or port range to the world. Let me explain. This box runs ftp, mail and irc server. But I want these services to run only in the local network and any requests from the .."outside" to be blocked.
    how can i achieve this?

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    Reading the documentation is really all you need:
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    to block a specific port or port range to the world.
    There is a Golden Rule when it comes to firewalls.
    You dont block specific ranges. The golden rule is to BLOCK EVERYTHING and then just allow what you really need.

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