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Thread: Dig Camera Problem

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    Dig Camera Problem

    this is really weird, my windows xp always recognized my sony dsc-p32 digital camera and for some reason it wont do it now, i connect it to the usb and sometimes my computer will show a msg unknown device, but most of times it wont do anything...i also installed a dsc-p32 driver but it still wont work, did a virus scan and spyware and etc...still nothing, im just curious but has anyone had this problem and knows how to solve it?

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    Hrmm, try un-installing it then re-installing it and make sure nothing hardware-wise is damaged. Also (and I'm not sure if XP has this, but) go to Control Panel and go to Add New Hardware (again, if XP has it) and see if it pop's up there. It should unless something isn't connected properly or something is damaged. You said it has recognized it in the past, so it shouldn't have a problem doing so now.
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    I use the XP image download wizard for my digital camera also, and haven't had any problems at all.

    You could install the software that came with your camera and see if it will work with that. I did have it in mine, but took it out as the utility inside XP worked better for me.
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