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Thread: Monitering the Data

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    Monitering the Data

    Hello guys.
    i have xp running and i have done the internet sharing on another PC which is on Win2000 and i want to moniter the data transfer and the websites visited by the other PC(with 2000), i am using proxy(alalogx) from www.alalogx.com.
    Can you guy please help me with this.
    thanks for your time and patience.
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    You need a software that will monitor your network card activity that will calculate every bites that go throw.. You could use Samurize for that ( http://www.samurize.com/ ) but I'm sure their other software that could do that.
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    you can use a personal fw that logs to a syslog deamon. set up kiwi syslog to receive the messages on your compurer. set the fw on the other computer to allow all and log to a syslogd on your computer.


    if you cant find a fw to do this i have an old version of tiny that does, its still free for non-comercial use but the ones on their site are newer and do not offer syslog logging . your not going to use it as a firewall just to log activity so it being old doesn't matter. PM me if you want it

    a couple of cool things about tiny are password protected administration which can be done remotely on your our network and the ease of creating rules, which make IDing events easier. tell it to log all traffic going to port 80 on any ip address and name it 'web'. do a search for web in the logs or watch it IRT on kiwi

    with kiwi you can search the stored messages for the past hour, day or week, using its filter to searck for a string, port number, ipaddress, etc. BTW its free
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    try www.oxid.it
    and download cain
    perfect on sniffing monitoring etc...

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