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    Worst of the web!

    Ok lets have your entries - you know the kind.....poor design, rubish (or copied) content, bad color scemes, over use of .gif/animations, embed sounds/music, bad navigation, unorganised, just generally crap!

    Well lets see them

    Want to get together some of the worst sites you have come across - can be about anything (but pls remember no p0rn etc as this site has younger visitors)

    I want to get a group of them together and then we can vote
    maybe even send the winner a lil .jpg award for worst website as voted by the AO community or something - lol

    With your submissions pls include the reasons why you think it is deserving of being crowned worlds worst -

    The first contestant :::

    • All content is just c&p'd from elsewhere - except for some of the guys own ramblings.....which are few and far between (thank god)
    • The repeating background - Yuck!
    • The javascript pop-up....why? hrm cause until the age of 18 it is impossible for you to type the numbers '1' & '8' in sequence? great age checking there _
    • Where is the navigation? you just scroll & scroll until every so often the designer decides to chuck in a link
    • The sound effects - If I wanted to listen to someone burping or other stupid effects I would load them into my winamp play list thanks
    • The constant sexual references - you just know the designer is either a horney 12yr old or a very sad, lonely 40 something baldy, fat, ugly man
    • Playing on the fact he's adopted - [ImageLink] :: I aint criticizing you cause your adopted I'm criticizing you cause your website is an insult to HTML
    • <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/4.04 [en] (WinNT; U) [Netscape]">
      'nuf said (and he is looking for people to employ him as a webdesigner - roflmao)

    and thats just the start o_O

    ok anyone else think they have a contender???


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    just generally crap!


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    I'd have to say this one who ever designed this page should never be allowed to go near a computer. the overall design is just terrible.

    And this one here even though it was written to be that way there is no way to turn off the music it just keep looping too many ad's on the page the list goes on and on

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    omg i can't believe that Gary Glitter website is officialy endorsed they must be desperate for fan sites - lol

    the other one is intentionally designed to be crap - so i dont think it counts
    I mean sies where people actually think they have done a good job when its reallycrap/annoying


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    I just figured why not post it. if it doesn't count then it is no problem

    Found a few more
    http://www.xtywebworks.ns.ca/saints.html makes no sence what so ever

    This one is about the big scare of the year 2000 that everything was going to fail.

    The background is a bit of a eye sore when scrolling and it takes forever to get to the bottom of the page.

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    yup Gore may know his OS's but he def aint no webdesigner

    am thinking that Y2K site is a fake/joke as well - there's no place to order....kinda major flaw for an online store - lol

    fart farm???? why the fcuk would anyone make a whole site devoted to farts? and that looping sound file - really makes you want to strangle the maker.......having the foo fighters All my Life overlayed with 'I fart in your general direction' really aint that good a mix!

    thats why iu hate sounds built in to website without on/off switches etc 90% If i'm online i have music going as well - the other 10% am listening to something on TV or have a DVD playing on pc as well - i dont need them to provide me with sound I can choose my own music to play thank you very much


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    www.fridge.com is not too entertaining .. .. mind you i like it for some strange reason

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    Heh someone made a new account just to post gores site. Think they are scared?
    When death sleeps it dreams of you...

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    This One got to be the one of the Top Contender..........Trolling Around Web Site.........


    JUst the Color Combination is enough to put you off and on top of that Font Style..and Font Size.....

    Warning :: Prolonged Exposure can be harmful to your Eyes

    --Good Luck--

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