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    Find Music

    Can't remember where i got this link - if it was on AO i appologise to whoever posted it - i did a search but no results


    just type in a band/singer you like and it shows you similar bands/singers

    good for finding new bands to listen to


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    Ive been looking for something like this for years now! this is so cool, cheers Val.


    edit - just been mucking about with it more and it makes my music tastes look more like an evolution rather than just loads of random CD that are bought when there on special offer.

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    I had a co-op work term at the National Research Council of Canada and one of the things that they were working on was collaborative filtering (excatly what the site suggested by valhallen does to make it's suggestion or at least that's the proper way to do it).

    Anyway, since they were kind enough to give me work for 4 months and send me to a conference, I should plug their site as well. They have set up a site for independent musicians to post music. Once you listen to a song or two and tell the site if you liked it or not it will suggest other songs you will like. Check it out. It's really neat!

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    here is a couple more sites for unsigned artists
    the artists put their songs on so they can get airtime and maybe hit it big I`ve listened to some of these and they are good. Enjoy.
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