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Thread: IE explorer not working

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    IE explorer not working

    On my friends computer the internet is not working. He is running windows 98 and whenever you open explorer it dosn't load but the lower left corner goes beserk. It flashes
    Finding site badurl grandstreetinterative.com
    and Detecting proxy settings.
    The homepage is set to google, if anyone has any ideas please post

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    Did you check the computer for spyware, ad-aware, etc... ?

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    Re: IE explorer not working

    A few things to look at :

    Originally posted here by fusiono71
    It flashes
    Finding site badurl grandstreetinterative.com
    and Detecting proxy settings.
    1. does his ISP require a proxy?

    2. because of the proxy detection, click tools -> options -> connections -> lan settings -> uncheck all boxes -> apply -> okay and try it again

    3. Look for unknown installed objects as they may redirect you. Tools -> Options -> Settings -> View objects, chances are if you see something in this window that has a label you don't recognize, you don't really need it. If you delete, you will likely be able to reinstall it (this is not always true).

    4. Clear the cache and the cookies, just cause it's a good idea to make sure.

    5. If none of this crap helps, then consider a restore of the previous IE settings or a general repair. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Microsoft Internet explore -> Add/remove and chose either the repair or restore previous configuration and follow through the wizard.

    F.Y.I. : All trouble shooting steps provided are not guaranteed. There is no warranty or assurances made by me that this will not hose your system. I am not responsible should something go wrong.

    Hope this helps.

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    this appears to be a new component to Twaintech Transponder



    all the forums are giving the same advice "update and do a full scan with yada, yada, yada" but none of them seem to be removing it, but this was discovered the beginning of last month i cant imagine they wouldn't be working now.

    ill keep looking
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    Hey Hey,

    I'm just following up on what Tedob1 posted. This is on the Twaintech website.

    If you want to uninstall, you can do so easily through the add/remove function in your control panel. You can access your control panel by going to:

    1. Start (typically, the button in the bottom left of your screen)
    2. Choose SETTINGS
    3. Choose CONTROL PANEL
    5. Select twain-tech
    6. Click on ADD/REMOVE

    Of course we encourage you to leave it on so that you can benefit from the occasional offers that it shows you. If you need more information, or experience any technical problems, please contact us at techsupport@twain-tech.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

    In the absence of an entry in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS please use on of the following methods:

    For Windows98 and WindowsXP users:

    a) To permanently disable the software click "Start" and then "Run" and type the following command which unregisters the software: regsvr32 c:\windows\twaintec.dll "

    b) To completely remove the software: reboot and then Find and Delete the file mxtarget.dll.

    For Windows2000, WindowsME and WindowsNT users:

    a) To permanently disable the software click "Start" and then "Run" and type the following command which unregisters the software: "regsvr32 c:\winnt\twaintec.dll "

    b) To completely remove the software: reboot and then Find and Delete the file twaintec.dll.
    I don't know if it'll be of use to you, but hopefully it'll help you at least stop the problem until Spyware/AdAware properly clean the system.

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    Similar to what HT posted, here is a procedure for removing twaintec. I have forgotten whom to credit for this so my apologies.

    We need to remove a program called "Twain-Tec". To do this, first you need to disable System restore as per the instructions at here . Twaintec.dll is a transponder. HijackThis will detect it as a BHO but it must not be removed using HijackThis. This is because of the remaining registry entries and files which can be dangerous. Instead the following method of removal is preferable and complete:
    Go to "Add/Remove Programs" => Uninstall "Twain-Tech". Reboot the computer to SAFE mode - How do I boot into "Safe" mode?. Delete twaintech.dll and twaintec.ini If twaintech.dll is in use, then you would need to rename it, reboot the computer, and then delete it.

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    Thanks everyone the Twain tech thing is gone and the internet is working, only one more question now when he's online he keeps on getting an error message the message is

    "IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in
    module CSLSP.DLL at 0177:01a99637.
    EAX=00000000 CS=0177 EIP=01a99637 EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=0110fc60 SS=017f ESP=0110efa4 EBP=0110fbe0
    ECX=0110fbc8 DS=017f ESI=0110f3bc FS=664f
    EDX=00000000 ES=017f EDI=0110fe68 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    8b 48 08 89 4d f4 8b 4d f8 89 81 00 01 00 00 8b
    Stack dump:
    00000001 0110fd64 0110fc60 0110fe68 00000001 000000e0 000000e0 000000e0 000000e0 00000000 bff713e2 00000177 bff7a185 000817cc 0110f010 81729050 "

    If anyone knows how to fix this i will be indebted, Thanks

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    Have you been using a Mcafee Av or Firewall???
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    CSLSP.DLL is one of the firewall drivers for mcafee. you might want to try re-installing or Uninstalling the firewall...

    here is a link that has good directions:
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    Thanks everyone, all problems have been fixed. Couldn't have done it without ya

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