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Thread: Mark all forms as read on main page

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    Mark all forms as read on main page

    Hey Hey,

    That little 'Mark all forms as read' link... could we have a copy of that on the main page under Member Functions on the main page? It irritates me that after I look at my APs I still see the "You have new APs" message. I'd like a link right below the AntiPoint Centre link that would allow me to reset it so I can get rid of the message. What would be nicer would be if the code was embeded in the AP center page, but I'd settle for the link appearing on the main page

    I think that makes sense.

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    I didn't know that feature exist but I'm sure gonna use now!

    MainPage link would be nice also!
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    I added the link to the front page, just under the show/hide hidden posts link.

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