I've been looking most of the weekend for a way to setup VPN on my home network.

I just want it for connecting to my home network from work and the like.

Before, I always just tunneled over ssh... but I figured I'd try something new.

All the docs I've found are from branch to branch... or router to router, etc.

I want the Cisco router to be the server and a desktop to be the client...

Much like you can do with a Linksys VPN router.

I'm not having much look locating documentation or anything useful.

The SDM won't allow this and wants a site to site connection.

Anyone ever done this? How can I do it?

I have a netgear vpn router that I could use but defeats the whole purpose of me getting this Cisco 831.

Thanks in advance.


Found it!!

Config isn't suppored by the SDM, but I'm not shy with the CLI.