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Thread: I need some help! I have NO idea whats going on regardng Standby

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    I need some help! I have NO idea whats going on regardng Standby

    Hi, new to the forums, just saying hello, and now heres my problem.

    A couple weeks ago, I installed "Client Service for Netware" on one network connection, and at the same time a couple weird things happened. The regular WinXP logon thing (big buttons and what not) was replaced by a simple username and password login, and all of a sudden, when I went into standby, the computer would no longer powerdown. Before, everything turned off, internal fans, the computer just hibernated, but afterwards the monitor would turn off, and the light on the power button started blinking, but it wouldnt power down at all. 2 Days ago i reformatted, and the standby worked like it normally did yesterday, but today, it started messing up again. Anyone with any clue as to what is going on?

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    My XpPro comes up with the username and password, and always has done. I guess that is to do with the networking security (or you might as well be using Win98 ) I see an incon in the tray that tells me a network cable is unplugged, so I must have networking enabled.

    The power management thing has been a potential issue with Win98/ME and XP. I normally switch it off, but then I don't run my machines 24/7.

    I would suggest that you go into <control panel> and <power option> and systematically check all the settings. Then boot into the BIOS and see what power management settings you have there.

    Plese remember to look at the "advanced settings" in XP and make sure that it has the right instructions for what to do when you go into standby/sleep.

    Also please check what the settings are for the various user accounts you have set up.

    just a few thoughts

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