As salam valakum (I am trying to learn a new language, this is ‘hello’ in Urdu)

I am having a funny problem with my computer. Funny as I say b’coz it does not come under basic rules of computation.

I have an AMD k6 machine with windows 98se installed 64 mb ram 500mhz clock speed with a Yamaha opl 3sa sound card. Rite. Recently I moved to some bizarre experimentation and installed windows 2000 professional. Though the ram was low installation went like a breeze, the only problem I encountered was driver. I didn’t have the specified drivers and so lot of my devices stopped working. I pain fully went to a cyber café and started to download drivers and started to install them (my Motorola modem also needed drivers) every thing was O.K excluding my sound driver. It started to act up funny sometimes when I start up the machine windows automatically detects the sound card and some times it doesn’t, strange. I thought that the card might be loose and so opened the cabinet to check it out, but found it as hard as ever, what might be causing this . Sometimes I pray to god and turn on the computer, then whola! I see an icon of a speaker and at times I don’t .Can you plz tell me what is causing this, I ‘ve been seeing this since I changed from windows 98se to windows 2000 professional. Do you suggest some hard ware conflict, as I do not see any error messages popping up in the start up what could the problem

I have the latest Yamaha driver installed with w2k sp 3 installed. Can you please help to put an end to this?