Hi everbody (Hi Dr. Nick !!!)

I was wondering if you could offer me your sage advice with regards to a new website I'm putting together. I'll give you a bit of back ground info to set the scene...

I've been interested in web design for some time and have finally (within the last week) got round to having a dabble in some really basic html to create a basic web site. I live in England and my ISP is NTL. With the account I hold with them I get an allocation of webspace free, so I'm interested in creating a site that will help me keep in touch with relatives living in South Africa. I'm thinking of putting on some pictures, updates about what I'm up to and so on, and they can call in from time to time to see what's up.

I've got as far as actually uploading the page I've created to the webspace so other people can access it over the web. Being an avid reader of this site I'm well aware of the hi-jinks and tomfoolery that skiddies can get up to with regards to websites, and although I'm fairly knowledgeable with regards to securing my PC (i.e. us of firewall and antivirus, spam filtering, deploying patches etc) I know nothing whatsoever with regards to securing web sites (against defacement, automated email harvesters etc).

Could anyone give me any advice as to how to get started on learning about this subject ? I realise that trawling through sites that I've "googled" might be the best, but given the level of knowledge some of the members here seem to have I thought I'd ask the experts directly first (such a kiss-@ss I know )

If anyone has any advice I'd be grateful if they'd share it - Cheers and "big up" to all the AntiOnline massive