Vorlin -

Well I agree with you when you said that you think it is good when a woman can pay her own way and pay for her stuff. I totally 100% agree.

You must also remember that the woman isn't the only one at fault when she has a kids. You must also remember that just because a woman is single and she has kids doesn't mean she is a slut. I work in a place where it is predominately women working here and approximately 90% of employees here had their husband cheat on them and have been divorced. Now what should they do with their kids? They have deadbeat husbands and they need to provide a good life for their children. Now, what are the women with 4 and 5 kids supposed to do. The women work their fingers to the bone to barely buy but it is still not enough. These women do infact have harder live and not every women is knocked up before marriage.

Now, although I feel that woman with children if qualify should be helped I do not agree with them not working and I do not feel that they should get any better job or worse job from this fact. It also ****ing pisses that hell outa me when certian races or certain genders are descriminated for jobs.

But I don't feel that women are always at fault for getting pregnant. Guys will tell them they love them or force them into having sex and even though the girl does always want to she wants to please the man. So not all cases are the same.

- MilitantEidolon