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Thread: WiMax won't take off soon

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    WiMax won't take off soon

    Just thought that I'd post this for you all to check out. There have been some excitement about WiMax but me personally I think that it is going to be a problem until people know how to secure wireless which is difficult to do so putting WiMax as a new broadband to over take DSL is just scary.

    Anyway, here's the article enjoy!

    WiMax won't take off till 2009

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    There are several flavors of wireless ground based internet services already available, although this is a new standard which would enable a user to re-use equipment when changing providers and make unauthorized connections harder to poloce. I think it's great, internet access will be like cell phones in that the wireless broadband connection will be able to hop across base stations and keep the connection alive. Customers will have very little, outside hacking, to configure on the subscriber units, meaning the connection will be like other wireless devices on a broad system scale, if not properly set up, no connection?
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