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Thread: Network Drive Sharing Problem

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    Question Network Drive Sharing Problem

    Well, I'm a wee bit stumped at the moment (surprise, surprise). I just got moved out of my cubicle and into my own office (yay), but my old computer stayed at the cubicle, which means I have another one. Interesting thing is, they stuck me on their old server that they don't use for anything anymore. Ok, it's a little overkill for a user computer, but hey, gets the job done. However, it's still technically a DNS server (though we have a new one running) because the boss doesn't want me to "go to the trouble" of demoting it .

    So that's the background info. This is the same darn machine that I posted about in the Hardware forums earlier this afternoon.

    So anyway, I can't access network folders from this one. I tried mapping "My Computer" to them, but it won't identify them. So, I went into Network Places, and they all show up...I can even access the resources of certain other computers on the network, but not the one I need (which is a file sever). So, I have:

    1) Pinged the server to see if there was communication. Yep.
    2) Checked address leasing in DHCP. All is well.
    3) Everything is as it should be in my respective zones. Forward look up zone was missing an IP listing for this machine, but I added it in.

    Note again that I can access resources on some machines, and not others. No clue what could cause such a descrepancy.

    So, what should I look at next?

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    check the sec event log on the server thats refusing you.
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    Nothing there...Hmm...may not be logging there...I'll check and make sure it's auditing security on that server.

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    Umm, is the file sharing and resources you are trying to reach have that turned on? Like, is the file server and whatnot turned on, nothing stopping the traffic from that machine (outgoing from that)? Quite a number of problem's it could be (all minor, oops I missed sorta things) that you should look at.

    By the way, this should be in Network Security Discussions
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    Actually, while trying to fix this problem I found another problem that I think may be behind it and various other problems I've had.

    Check out THIS thread I started.

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    What OS are you using?

    How is the network setup. Do you need to get authenticated through a domain and if so how does that domain connect with the domain running on your local machine?

    Do you have administrative priviledges?

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    Windows 2000.

    We just have one domain for the entire office which every workstation stays connected to, authenticated through our own servers.

    And I do indeed have administrative priveledges.

    I have a hunch that fixing my DNS problem (see my GPO thread linked above) will likewise fix this one, as I discovered that problem while working on this one. May be wrong, but it would be nice to knock out two birds with one stone.

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