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Thread: Am I hacked?

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    Am I hacked?

    Hello friends.
    Sorry for my limited English, I'm Spanish.

    I have just reinstalled my computer, but sometimes it goes crazy for a seconds, and I lose control of computer.

    In registry, I searched for a suspicious process (wuauclt.exe) and I found a processlist (winword.exe, excel.exe..).
    I haven't instaled office!!!!
    I ran sucessfully spybot.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Can you describe some details regarding the "go crazy" part? What exactly is it doing?

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    Hi Juan
    buenos tades
    search for and D/L hijackthis.
    save it to its own folder in C:
    run it, save the log generated to notepad, as a .txt file
    post it here, and remember to click the HIDE POST button, before posting, this will keep the screens easier to read, and those that can help will look it over when they can.

    [edit] HJT link http://www.spychecker.com/program/hijackthis.html [/edit]
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    Re: Am I hacked?

    Originally posted here by juan luis
    Hello friends.
    Sorry for my limited English, I'm Spanish.
    Hello, you'll probably want to re-install windows. What you describes sounds very suspicious. In addition, even if you haven't been hacked, your system doesn't sound stable and would need re-installing anyways.

    Hola, usted deseará probablemente reinstalar ventanas.  Qué usted describe los sonidos muy sospechosos.  Además, iguale si le no han cortado, su sistema no  establo del sonido y necesitaría reinstalarse de todos modos.  Gracias, -- www.pureehosting.com puro
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    Hmm...I dunno, sometimes we're too quick to say reinstall the OS -- What about an OS repair? You may have to reinstall in the end, but it wouldn't hurt to give that a try first, if Foxy's idea doesn't work. So --

    1) Post Hijack log here
    2) If we can't help you, try a Windows repair
    3) If that fails, reinstall OS

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    I think AngelicKnight h4x0r3d you and just doesnt want to admit it. hehe.

    probably just a corrupt file durring install.
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    Boot in safe mode and run your favorite trojan scanner's, spyware/adware scanner's, A/V software, etc and report back your finding's. I don't think this is a spyware issue, but it very well could be.
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    As far as the winword.exe running and office not installed that sounds like a virus or trojen to me closest i could find was in the link below. An older virus that uses the same file name.

    Windows Update AutoUpdate Client. Background process which checks with Microsoft website for updates to the operating system. Shows up on the Task Manager's processes list when it is waiting for a response, e.g. to confirm permission to download an update. Located in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\" on Windows XP.

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    Thanks for all your answers. I appreciate your advices.

    In response to Angelicknight, "goes crazy" means: lot of windows begin to open and close, and
    the mouse don't obey.

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