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Thread: XP, Redhat, Xandros, FreeBSD on one machine?

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    Smile XP, Redhat, Xandros, FreeBSD on one machine?


    well here is a strange setup that i wanna do on my machine. i would like to setup windows xp, redhat linux 9, xandros debian linux and freebsd 5.0 on my machine. i have a 40 gb harddisk. how should i partition my harddisk and how should i configure the bootloader.
    help !


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    I would read this article to give you an idea what to expect and pretty much what to do.

    and download this program if you decide to go through with it

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    I would ask myself why I am doing this first.

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    I would ask myself why people post if they have nothing to contribute.

    Oops now I'm a hypocrite

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    You a hypocrite!!!!!!!! Never
    well maybe on tuesdays and thursdays but on sunday monday and wednesday you are a pain in the ass friday and saturday Don't know yet.
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    Install Windows XP first, then go for Linux and Free BSD. Windows being installed first helps a lot. If you want this to work sooner than later, I'd say do this:

    Install Windows XP

    Then, install Free BSD. If you'd like you can use my tutorial on installing it, but leave room, and you won't be able to use my partition set up for Free BSD, because you need free space left over.

    I'm going to recommend SUSE over Debian, as it's easier and still comes with more programs. Use SUSE and make partitions for it. You can easily get away with just a /Swap and / partition, so you may want that.

    Then install RedHat and tell it to "Use remaining disk" Or whatever they call it that lets you use what's left of the disk for it.

    4 OSs is a bit odd, the most I've ever done was 3. Which was Free BSD, Linux, and Windows.

    Make the Swap about two times the size of your RAM, and make the rest basically however you want, but remember, you seem new, and should leave space for growth.

    You could use this:

    Windows XP partition size = 9.5 GB

    Free BSD = 10 GB

    RedHat = 10 GB

    SUSE = 10 GB

    /Swap = 500 MB

    That should work.

    Now read on how to set it all up.

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