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    Hi Folks,

    Well, I have heard about an IE vulnerability, that allows the user to disply a false address of a certain web site,,, like in the address bar seems to be CNN web site but it is actually AO. I don't know if I could express my question properly.
    Thanks for consideration.


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    Yes there is such a vulnerability, and a patch for it. If you are up to date on your Windows updates, then you are already patched.

    Some google search results for spoofing in IE6.

    And a site with a vulnerability test, for you to check your system:
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    Or just use FireFox

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    Thanks a lot moxnix for the useful sites,, I do appreciate that,,
    NemorY what is FirFox?

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    Just look for Firefox, it's right smack on the front page.

    /edit Dang it! Everybody's posting faster than me today!

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    98 is one of my favorite sites,the exploits on this page are updated daily and they are all harmless so normal users can observe how these exploits work without the fear of ****** them system.


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