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Thread: _RESTORE in windows ME

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    Angry _RESTORE in windows ME

    Lately, my computer has been acting really poorly and my system preformance has been on a downward spiral. The other day i was looking around on my C drive and found a hidden foldre called _RESTORE which is taking up 16.6 GB of space. When i go inside the folder, there are only four visible files that combined take up less than 1 MB of space yet when i right click on _RESTORE and click properties, it says there are 46197 files. I really want to get rid of this but am not sure how or if it would be a wise thing to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your best solution is to ditch ME altogether. That was my first OS and I loathe it with a deep seething passion, it's the worst version of Windows ever incarnated as far as I've experienced.

    Anway, given the name and size of that, it sounds like a system backup folder. Do you use any backup software?

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    I agree, ME is a horrible operating system but unfortunately i'm only 14 and don't have much say as to what type of computer we get and what os it runs. As far as i know we are not running any backup software....

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    NO! It would not be a wise thing to do. RESTORE (or System Restore) is probably one of the only GOOD thing's about WinMe which allow's you to go back to another set point and restore your system and it's component's to that time. Do NOT delete any of the content's in that folder. I suggest you defrag your system, use Disk CleanUp, scan for viruses, etc etc if you are trying to better the performance of you system.

    my computer has been acting really poorly and my system preformance has been on a downward spiral.
    That is very common with WinMe user's, so you know (I myself being one). I suggest upgrading to Win2k or XP.
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    I've heard that _RESTORE can be a good thing for ME but is it supposed to be that big? 16.6 GB is more than all the other stuff on my hard drive put together.

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    Indeed, got work with what's stuck on ya. Urgh, I feel for ya!

    Are you the only one that uses this machine? If not, you probably want to find out if someone has created that as a backup before you delete. If someone has, the next thing you shoul do is tell them to put on removable media as opposed to the hard drive! Kinda negates the purpose of backup...I don't know how it culd be that large and not be a system backup of some sort.

    Beyond that, you'll have to wait till one of the more experienced AOers hops on this thread to throw something in...

    /edit -- Geez Spyd, you beat me to it!

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    The rest of my family uses this comp but none of them are smart enough to have made that kind of backup. Also, as far as i can tell this folder is growing. Last time i checked it was only 14 GB

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    Hmm...well, this one's all yours Amazing Spyder32man.

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    It's supposed to grow. Everyday in fact. So you know, WinMe come's with System Restore as it's "backup data" resource. So yes, you do have it. And thank you AngelicKnight
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    But 14+ GBs? That seems to be pretty pointless if having the restore takes up that much space. Is there a way to compress it?

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