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Thread: proxy spy

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    proxy spy

    how can i tell if my proxy is spying on me?

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    ask them. =)
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    I wouldn't have thought that you could, but you do not give enough detail for a more comprehensive answer at this stage.

    Assuming that you connect to your ISP and then to the proxy, they will see your ISP and the IP address that the ISP has given you. They could intercept all the packets you send etc. but why would they bother? They wouldn't know that it was you, and to intercept and analyse all packets would be a gargantuan task if they are of any size.

    To actually associate the information with you personally, they would need access to the logs AND the customer/accounting information of your ISP.

    Best I can suggest right now.

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    Well, i dont think you can tell, but if a proxy has 100's of thousands of users, i don't think they would spy on you. But they basicly could see what websiters you go to or what you do online, one reason is if the law enforcement agencies need some help from them, they have to provideyour real IP etc ....

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    Well, I don't think that your proxy is going to spy on you. But just remember that if you do anything illegal the government can track you and get your history through your ISP.

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    Unless you actually have admin rights on the proxy system, which you don't, There is no way to know for absolutly sure What is being stored or collected on the proxy or even the dns servers you use for that matter. Cacheing servers actually store all types of data, but the only thing ive heard of being done with the info is using it to optimise the system. But hey I also bet somewhere out there is a sleaze bag that owns a public proxy that crawls the data for their own gain.

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    hmm.. for sure your proxy can log everything you access beyond the proxy. Most admin just neglect the bulky log, but if u kind of suspicious, maybe ur admin might have kind of interest in u...

    unless u tunnel or proxify again after ur organization proxy..( ..duhh??) ..u might be anonymous to ur proxy but still can be track down by higher person such as ur goverment..

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