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Thread: am i losing email?

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    am i losing email?

    I have outlook express on my comp and lately when i've gone to check emails it'll say something like "receiving message 3 of 12" but when the email is done getting the new messages i'll only get like 4 new ones. I'm wondering if this has something to do with a junk mail filter. I've recently installed a new firewall (zonealarm) perhaps this has something to do with it. Some of these emails might be important and i don't want to lose any more of them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    To begin -- Can you access this mail through a web browser instead of outlook? If so, log into the web based mail from your browser and see if there's anything still in there.

    If you have a junk mail filter, there's likely a folder that junk mail is sent to. If so, take a peek in there.

    If neither, you may need to contact support for your mail service.

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    One word: SPAM.
    UK ISP's have recently announced that they are in the process of eliminating 'SPAM' BEFORE it gets to you.
    Although this doesn't account for the message x of 12, however, I feel that there will be on your (parents) system, some anti spam doo-hickey at work, check the folders in their names to see if that is the prob.

    [edit] one mans spam, is another mans favourite. It might be catagorised as spam unintentionally ? [/edit]
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    I don't use Outlook Express, so I am not too sure, but I did have a similar sort of problem with Outlook a little while back.

    Somehow I seem to have changed the sort parameters, so some of the stuff was going to the top of the page, and other stuff was going elsewhere.

    You might like to check that, particularly as you have said that you are sharing the machine with others and that you only have one user set up on it.

    Otherwise I think the other possibilities have been covered.


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    Sounds like the EVIL doings of a rogue junk mail filter!

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    yes, the spam filter is deleting the files before you see them. we get this all the time. so OE dowlads your eail, spam check deletes them as you get them then you see the non spam ones.
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    Ok if your set up the account in outlook as pop3 Then when it says its downloading 3 of 12 then that would usually mean that there are 12 messages waiting for download email server in your inbox/main folder to download. If its imap That could be a total for all folders.
    <guess?> I would say OE connects to the server, then syncs the pop3uidl list and starts downloading the mail from oldest to newest, marking each as read on the server until it completes the download off all, then unless you have it set to leave a copy on the server, wipes out the inbox on the server and resets it self waiting for its next run</guess?>

    heres a list of things that can make mail disappear from the oe inbox before you even get to see it.

    1 Spam filtering software, (too many types to start naming them) These programs can delete, move, or hide mail causeing the amount of messages you see as new not to match what you saw being downloaded.

    2 Any type of privacy software. Same as one

    3 Anti virus software (if this is causeing mail to disappear then you probly didn't want it anyway, they usually have a log file you can check)

    4 OE has mail processing rules and address blocks and keeps a list of them you can check.

    in OE you can goto tools>messagerules>block senders list to see the addreses that have been blocked by clicking that easy blue link next the address in the email, in the same options in the mail processing rules.

    Also Try clicking the coulmn in the oe inbox "received" to orginise them by date.

    All else fails contact the mail service provider, they can check on it as far as whats going on from their side.

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    It could be Spam mail and sent to the junk folder!
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    or automatically being deleted.
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    One way to check to go to the mail box though a web interface or telnet(if possible) to see what mail is waiting on the server. Then close out of that and download the mail with OE and see what you get. But when I hear spam filter It makes me think server side because I forget people actually use software spam filters.

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