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    Attention AO members their is another new threat on the internet called backdoor.berbew what does this do? Attempts to steal cached passwords and may display fake windows to gather confidential information through a security loophole in the Internet explorer. This includes Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and any other confidential information. Anyone using a Windows based computer is at risk for this particular virus. This URL gives more information and instructions for removing this virus.


    Hope this helps, Computernerd22

    People not at risk

    Important Users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 Release Candidate 2 (Windows XP SP2 RC2) are not at risk

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    a little late on this one aren't ya? this has been known since july 1st but a warning is a warning and we can never have enough of those so ill add:

    Backdoor.Berbew is a Backdoor Trojan Horse that is downloaded from the Internet by Trojan.Download.Berbew. The Backdoor Trojan steals passwords and delivers them in the form of URL requests to the Web site of the Trojan's creator. Port numbers 7714 and 8546 may be opened for listening (the port numbers may vary).


    test your browser here:

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