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Thread: openBSD support?

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    openBSD support?

    Ok Im a 17 year old kid with a computer in my bedroom. Im currently running windows xp and have a laptop running Red Hat 9. I would basically like to play about with anything I can get my hands on. I noticed in quite a few places (not least the sigs of people here ) openBSD being mentioned, and would like to try it out. However this is my problem: Im basically your average (l)user. Im confortable playing with alsorts in windows and i can just about navigate the linux file system thanks to the wealth of information on the net. So my question would be, Is there the same level of support for openBSD? and if so would i be able to dual boot with win xp (Im using ntfs file system as well would i need to change this?). Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Sorry I diddnt make myself very clear. I meant support from the comunity, things like the masses of tutorials and how to's floating around the net for linux. Yes i have looked on their website and found a lengthly document on installing but i didnt see any genral guides or getting started type things.

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    Support from who? AO members or the OpenBSD community? Have you visited their Homepage? I would think they would have resources and support places for their product, much like many open source projects.
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    Yes there is online support, for installation try this site

    There is other info on the web, you might want to look at the sites below, they should help you get started.

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    i use openbsd every day, if you need something just ask (you can pm me if you want)
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    OpenBSD has a very good support group. To help you get off the drug. Or in some cases stay on it.

    One of the best places, to go, for just about anything OpenBSD related is there channel on freenode. Really good channel, people know there ****.

    I will warn you though, if you don't bother to read or do a search on your question before you ask it, you will get flamed.

    Another place to ask questions about OpenBSD, is the FreeBSD, and NetBSD channels.

    Most people jump between them, just ask someone for a comparision on what you are doing, and you will get a million and one people explaining to you, how whichever BSD is better than the others, because of how it does, that said thing.

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    I use OpenBSD nearly 24/7 so you can PM me or talk to me on AIM if you'd like about any question's you have. If interested, pm me sometime.
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    In general the bsd community expects you to __RTFM__ but as long as you show that you have made an effort on your own first. People are very willing to explain and help. I think that linux is more of a hobbiest thing so more people are willing to spoon feed you whereas bsd's have more 'hardcore' users is the best help around. Just make sure to rtfm and use the search feature before posting. I have answered probably solved 95% of my problems with the search feature.
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