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Thread: Post bug

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    Post bug


    I posted a reply to MSM in the new features forum. The post shows its existence in my profile, but not in the thread.

    So go to my profile and click the link below the one that will lead to this thread to see the bug.. (the second newest)

    Thanks a bunch

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    Hmm does the same thing to me and Negative's thread does the same thing It may not be a bug because the Moderators may have the option to prevent people from posting a reply to it, that is what I think.

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    Same thing happened to me Soda. I believe they have some setting changed so that answers to that thread don't show up or something.
    I had not even noticed untill you said something.
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    We better call in the ghostbusters cuz our posts are now ghosts :/

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    Does the number of posts increase, cuz somebody could become a senior with no posts ?

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    I've closed MsM's thread for now, until I can figure out what's going on. The posts are making it into the DB, the problem is with the thread display.

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    I think you should close the forum for now, seems its that particular forum, and if the posts do count, someone may take adventage of it .....

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    I reported this Bug to Mnstrgrl 2 days ago, she replied to my Pm, so she's obviously looked into it, and the threads been closed so looks like the AO Database is having some troubles keeping up with everything..


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