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Thread: Create a directory text file in Windows 2000

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    Create a directory text file in Windows 2000

    Argh!!... had to review some old command line stuff today and tested it out. Had to recall how to either print out or create a text file in Widnows. So anyway the direct printing was to involved calling a batch file that printed the listing to an LPT port thats re-directed to a network printer. Tip for W2K should work with XP but not sure.

    From the start you have to open window$ Explorer and go to the tools and pick Folder Options then when it opens go to the file type let it load and then scroll down to find the Folder pick it is simply called "Folder" highlight it and click the Advanced tab in the lower Right. In the Action box enter the text you want the choice to be called for me it was " Directory Text File" in the Application used to preform action: Enter cmd.exe /c dir /o /s>Dir_Contents.txt
    say ok to everything and close and re open explorer. Right Click and is done as here you will see a menu pick "Directory Text File"
    Ok you can change just many of the switches after the /c it is there to simply close the cmd shell window the /o /s can be changed to what ever you want in the text file and the name of that file and well notepad is a double click. The file will be placed into what ever folder you highlighted at the moment you clicked the option that is now on the right click of the folders Properties attributes. It will print from note pad to any local or network printer that is the default or choosen. Peace
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    Nice tip, thanks

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    i just checked out your tip, and just to warn people /s will take your entire system, the /o requires another flag in order to sort in a certain way -- the easiest way to do this would be cmd.exe /c "dir >dir.txt"
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