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    Not going to count the years I've spenty here. I see the opening page is always the General chit chat and understand that is where many people gain and loose points. However there are many valid points in the tutorials and tip and tricks not to mention other areas. I simply suggest that the general front page have a listing of very valid posts to many other threads or change the jump to active, unanswered part by the RSS include a listing of areas that maybe newbies seek an answer for. Or perhaps the start page include a cross section of the other areas within the site. Me heck I'm so old I'm not noticed nor do I much like it when I am. But I simply think the cross section of the splash page include more areas so people find maybe the right thread and don't get a neg for posting in the wrong area. After all if on the start page say tips and tricks is listed or a Windows Security issue see the info is active.

    Did I make any sense? I'm tired see ya' all when ever I show up again.
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    You already can select what forums you want to view on the mainpage when you login.. is that what you are talking about?

    "edit front page display" under the member functions

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