Hey guys, I really need your help here. I was working on a C program for a couple of days, but today the source disappeared. I was compiling the program using the gcc that came with cygwin, and I accidentally input the wrong command:

gcc -o program.c program

instead of

gcc -o program program.c

As far as I can tell, the people who coded gcc didn't think to put in failsafes that prevent the first file from being deleted if the second file isn't found. Not only is the source gone, but when I try and use Restorer2000 or FinalRecovery to get it back, the deleted file they come up with has a zero byte file size. I guess that means that gcc overwrote it too? Argh!

Does anyone know what I can do? I've barely done anything on that drive since then. I worked really hard on this program, and my last backup was that morning before I made a lot of radical changes. Maybe somebody can recommend a more useful undelete type program. Thanks in advance...