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    Question Windows Backup - Script Files

    I've just taken over our NT backup. We use the standard windows backup software.
    We have Exchange 2000.
    I need to add all our system state data to our existing backup. We use a script file to do this. But I dont no what line to add to this file to backup system state? Does anyone no what i should put in the script file in order for it to be included into our backups?

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    The word "systemstate" is a switch all on its own.

    It's in the docs BTW...

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    Not all configuration items in Windows can usefully be backed up. This is where your system build documentation comes in handy (if you need to restore it).

    You MUST have documentation to record how to build a fresh box from scratch - otherwise the system is in an unreproduceable configuration.


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    Which means????

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    it means if you rely on backups only and have:
    - no change management procedure
    - no configuration docs
    - no procedures (fully tested) about how to recover your system

    you are doomed

    btw, Murphy' Law : if you have just one copy of backup data, chances that of data restore fail when you need: 100%
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    Looks like this site should help some.
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