I am one of those lowly PC Techs who have been used over the years to become MIS. I've been stolen away from the the basic work I love and turned into an "expert". Only problem is since I don't get a chance to stick my fingers into hardware, programs, and utilities I don't know squat now. Consider that I had an unplanned change of jobs and have been out of the field for about 3 years I feel woefully inadaquate. At first I thought I was being paranoid ... now I realized I was correct. This site is a blast, and I hope to become rapidly reinformed. I probably won't post much until I get back into my groove and that is basically up to management at work ... and how much equipment my wife and kid will allow me to have around the home. HAHAHAHA ... maybe I can turn my daughter to the dark side and start teaching her about Ted Codd, normalization ... and how almost none of it matters without a modem and or a NIC card. :) The kidlet is already asking me what I am reading about.