I wasnt sure where to place this type of question, so being a newbie, I thought this was a good spot.

I am having problems with IE and hotmail. When I try to download jpg and wmv attachments in hotmail, IE will instantly pop up a seperate window to display them. I have tried netscape and it works fine as well as Outlook express. Every time I try with hotmail and IE for these two types, it does not give me the option to "save as" dialog box. I have checked the file types in the control planel, and the "confirm dialog box" thing is checked. I have also checked to make sure that Jpg's and wmv file types are opening in there respective programs and not with IE. I have deleted cookies and temp/cache files as well. Rebooted and it still is doing the same thing.

One thing that I have noticed is that when I tried it with gif and tiff file attachements. I got a dialog box asking if I wanted IE to open the attachements. I selected yes to the gif and no to the tiff to see what would happen.

So you got it. The gif opened in a seperate browser and the tiff used the usual "save as " dialog box.

So now the real question is...how do I get IE to switch once Ive told it to make a change.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide with this.