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Thread: socket programers

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    socket programers

    Hello guys!
    I know I shouldn’t be asking but I just thought to discuss it with u guys, though I do not do socket programming but I was wondering, how much the guys would be earning as socket programmers in c/c++ on Unix or Windows. i was just curious to have an idea about it.
    Thanx for you patience and time
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    I don't really know if there's such a thing as a dedicated socket programmer. My experience working with sockets has just been opening, closing, and r/w, much like a local file. My guess would be about the same as any c/c++. So, correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Since i never listened before about that career, ive asked some ppl about that (guys that are C programmers and make money doing that).
    They told me that is a good expertise, but you cant JUST know it.
    - multi thread programming
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    i use java in socket programming. that was my subject project. its about build up a phonebook server that can be connected from multiple client. its pretty simple tho because socket programming is the basic for network programming. i dont have time to learn advance socket programming language like java rmi or corba.. right now, i work as programmer but more in C++ .Net programming.. i dont know how much we earn for a complete program but there have an offer that i recieve which someone want to pay about Rm800 or ~USD210 for a complete program.
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    I don't really think or rmi systems (java rmi, corba, etc) as socket programming. Yes, they are using sockets to communicate, but they are also providing a wrapper/abstraction to hide the socket layer. Java sockets are pretty similar as i remember. With C/C++ you have direct access to the sockets: you have to manage r/w buffers, asynchonous/sychonous mode, etc.

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    If you are a noob developer you can make anywhere from 40 - 60k a year. If you have mad skills and can prove it....80+. It also depends on where you live and what type of industry you work for.
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