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Thread: Expliots

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    Yes you would die too. How selfish...6.4 billion people would die...and all you care about is yourself...
    I saw him first..................proper order please.........and I will decide the order....................

    If he is that interested I could send him a large quantity of 80 column punched on IBM360 is viable for a 120Kt atomic

    That was MANY years ago

    Hey, HVCF (high velocity citrus fruit) is not a TROLL..................just a little new and overenthusiastic IMHO?

    Please give him 10 more posts..............just for me?


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    He's NOT a troll, BUT I've got to balance SOMEWHERE............

    10 posts it is then

    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

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    I am not one to easily agree with sexybadgirl,

    fastorange.. asked how exploits work.. not how to create them.. I found the original post to be a fair question.. borderline but fair.
    The reality of a Exploit is where a weakness is found in a program or operating system or what ever.. the exploit is the a program that makes use of the weakness to the writers desire..

    How you use this to protect your self I don't know.. Personaly I prefer to apply the needed Patch, THEN, Use whatever tools are available to check that the weakness is no longer there.

    If your intent is to protect.. then you only need to know what exploits you are not protected against,, what patches you still need to apply and how uptodate your security scanning tools are..
    How to use the exploit is left to 2 possabilities.. 1/ if you are writing your own scan tools, 2/ you are a lame arse cracker (who's energy could be better spent elsewhere)

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Shut up. You can never really know
    Which was exactly my point, dumbass -- you CAN'T ever really know. It's amazing how stupid people really are. Especially when they don't read a post.
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    Now that I think about it, vulnerability scanners such as Retina for example, will tell you what the vulnerability is, and how to patch it up. Also it will tell you what the vulnerability does. Does SSS do the same?

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    I'm gonna run for my life now for posting a microcash link

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    nihil, just a little new and overenthusiastic? No... those guys usually fill the place up with tutorials... some of which they didn't write others are crap. Oh and those guys tend to say things like "OMG! thanks!" for nothing at all. I would say he's just another h4x0r type who REALLY should think about doing something about that whole inferiority complex thing that guys like that have. These guys hummm... how sould I put this... oh yeah, they generally suck on a nut. Now then...

    Stack overflows
    Integer overflows
    Click & read something dumb-ass!

    If he wants to learn how exploits work then he's going to need to grab an assembler and get very fluent with it then use wdasm or what have you. Man, dont click on the links everyone gave you. It's a waste of time. You won't learn a damn thing by browseing through that stuff, esspecially when you don't even fully understand what it is you are looking at. As for browser based exploits... they are THE BIGEST waste of time ever.

    I could teach a four year old how to (ab)use URL spoofing vulnerabilies and setup sites of buisnesses which don't exist.. or exists just not in the same corner of the web. And how many times do peaple need to explain how to base64/uuencode encode files then find ways of opening these files or execute commands VIA: the browser without things getting a bit boreing and redundant?

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    Originally posted here by Fast Orange
    Well then eveyones lucky I dont have nukes then right? LOL

    Yea right. Do it! Do it! Do it wuss! I've got balls the size of Durian fruit, you don't scare me.

    Anyways yea I did spell it wrong on google but you gotta love that spell check thing

    It loves you to, giving it so much job security like that.

    It was very funny though watching him snap on you and be like "EXPLOIT DAMN IT!!!!"

    LOL, like he just couldn't take your stupidity.

    If you want to learn exploits, I'd recommend first learning Assembly.

    If you want to learn "expliots" I'd recommend learning English.

    Exploits work in different ways, usually you make a program do something it never intended to do. For example:
    Char Shell code [] =
    That's an egg. Or Buffer Overflow...Whatever. Learn assembly.

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    Originally posted here by gore
    That's an egg. Or Buffer Overflow...Whatever. Learn assembly.
    Actually buffer overflows in general is just inserted input. It goes on to a point where memory becomes corrupt and when that happends things tend to overwrite... the egg is usually reffered to what will replace the value of the variable in the program or whatever.

    What do they use to use the exploits? (Like, how do you know if theres a security hole that they can use an expliot for?)
    Well you generally use a compiler or an interpreter to aid you on your quests to "point click and FIRE!". To actually find a vulnerability I've already posted what you need and Gore has basicly repeated what has already been said .

    Oh and I am a hacker.... not a cracker
    Either way... folks who tend to want to fit in or attempt to try to push others into your (class of people) are generally annoying. These peaple care more about a socialized ranking or being appart of something big more than the very computers and computer related hobbies which gives them the excuse to be appart of it all. Agian... guys like that really should do something about their whole inferiority complex thing.

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