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Thread: Sir Geek!

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    Sir Geek!

    LONDON (Reuters) - Tim Berners-Lee, the London-born scientist who invented the World Wide Web, has been knighted by the Queen.
    Whole article here:


    Go the Geeks!!

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    I thought Bill Gates invented the web ?

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    The entire story is pretty interesting. Here's Robert Cailliau's version of it.
    In 1973 already, he had a system up at CERN to download and remotely execute code.

    So in the early '70s, you had networking, mobile code, and byte interpreters. You had the equivalent of Java and the Internet.

    In a sense, yes, and in fact we had graphical user interfaces. We had independent control consoles, and the whole lot, but it's all gone now.

    Did anybody know about this work?

    Of course. This has been published, but like many things, it was defined and applied in a small plot, and not as part of mainstream computing. Mainstream computing in the early '70s was cards. Batch. Input, treatment, and output on mainframes. But we were already in real time. All of the things I described in the control systems were also in real time, and there was not much room for messing about. We had a cycle time of one second in the particle accelerator and 10,000 control parameters.

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    Nah mate!

    I thought Bill Gates invented the web ?
    Bill Gates invented money, the rest he stole from other people...........

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    Hmm, and all this time, here's me thinking it was Al Gore.
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    thats crazy that the most he has been awarded for inventing the internet is 1,000,000 euros. Damn.. without the internet M$ would just be a multi-million dollar corporation, rather than billion

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    I thought Bill Gates invented the web ?

    That was Al Gore memory.

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