Read-only filesystems under linux
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Thread: Read-only filesystems under linux

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    Read-only filesystems under linux

    While I have been working with MS products for a long time now, I have only just recently installed Slackware linux 9.1 onto one of my machines at home. I had no problem installing it and it is running just fine

    I did have XP on the machine before blowing it away and installing slackware. I did however keep one of the NTFS partitions with all my movies, photos, porn and general documents on it. I can mount it and view it under linux, so long as I am logged in as root.

    It is however a read-only partition. Is that because it is NTFS ?? and is there anyway i can change it so that it is not read-only ??

    Thanks guys

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    From my experience you can't. Here's a little info on ntfs and linux.
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    Is that because it is NTFS ??

    Don't know if third Party Tools are Avaliable for Changing the File System......Except Third Party Tools i think there is no way to convert a File System.... Form NTFS to anything..

    Now That you have got rid of Windows XP....And don't have MS OS's anymore......My suggestion is Backup the Data.........Delete the Partation.........Recreate it .....format it into some other File System you want..........Copy the files back there..

    And then send me a Copy Of that Data

    --Good Luck--

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    One thing that works for me is something called captive-ntfs. It gives you rw access to the ntfs partitions. You can find it at .

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    To make the ntfs partition readable by other users, mount it with a umask of 0222, like this:-
    mount /dev/hdXY /mount/point -o umask=0222

    Alternatively, you could add the partition to /etc/fstab with the users option

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    Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it

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