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Thread: troj DYFUCAM virus

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    Angry troj DYFUCAM virus

    i tried to use the free virus scan online the MICRO TREND.
    it detected a virus but the problem is i cant delete this virus because its currently in use.
    How can be able to delete this virus?
    the scan virus: troj DYFUCAM virus
    file location: WINDOWS/NEM219.DLL
    pls. help me guys!
    thanks a lot in advance?

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    is the file running in the Task Manager ? If it is End the Process and try again, if that doesnt work, download a free AV scanner (AVG 6.0 is very good) and boot into safe mode (press F8 while the computer is booting up), that will disable any un-neccessary services and programs to run at strat-up, so that the chance that thevirus will be in use then is slim to none Scan your computer and delete the virus

    Goo luck dude !

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