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Thread: cannot install security patches on xp...

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    cannot install security patches on xp...

    I allways tell my customers to make sure they have the most up to date security patches from microsoft.

    however, I have none of them
    well...when I was moving from one HD to another, somehow I accidently put a very small (20meg?..or was it 8meg?) partition on the front.
    I did not notice until after I had moved everything over and came to installing windows.....

    now, I have it as....

    c = 8m
    (rest of partitions in uber partition)

    windows is on drive d, files on drive e, images on drive f, and fixed swap file on g

    it worked ok, so I thought..fine, no problem

    then I tried to get the security updates...
    first one to start was SP1....which only downloads into drive c:, no matter where you installed windows...and I have no space in drive c to put it....

    I cannot repartition..(cant remember the error) so can I force the updater to use a different partition?

    many thanks in advance.

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    go here. download the network install. you can put it anywere you want even a cd. Its an exicutble


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    Can u use partition magic to allocate more space in C?

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    Partition Magic:
    set up the disc as you want it. It will even show you what the new config will appear as before you press 'enter'


    link to the site for a FREE trial.
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    Seeing how you can't repartition your drive you could try doing the following. this may or may not work for you but if you are willing to take the risk click on the link below.

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    ok, with the partitions, well I have tried a number of tools and failed, so I cannot do that.

    I just tried the network install version, but that still demanded 25 megs more space on drive c.

    as for the other one....I am nervose about trying that....

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    i also have problems when i instal updates and do a reboot it wont load up anymore so i have to go back to the last good config anyone know whats whit that ?
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    have u tried system restore?
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    The Texan,
    System Restore cannot restore partitions. It isn't a disk imaging software. I'd say try Partition Magic. If that doesn't work, back up everything on a spare hard disk and fdisk off a Linux CD.

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    I think The Texan was answering st1mpy's question.. I would ask which of the updates has caused this problem.. you can install them one at a time lill you find the dodgy one.. (BTW: I hate using the device drivers tha MS update supplies)

    As for KingofDerby .. Partition magic.. should do the trick
    .. it will probably be a 2 or 3 stage operation.. shrink d first, then try enlarging C.. while merging c and d would be best.. I suspect you may have problems ( I have done it wheen c was the active boot partition.. but not with D: )

    Not much else I can say to help sry

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