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Thread: yahoo lost a battle which it was desperatly trying to tie???

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    yahoo lost a battle which it was desperatly trying to tie???

    Not fair yahoo!

    Yahoo the premier web portal offering free email service recently increased its space limit in view of the serious competition to be given by Google’s Gmail which is about to offer 1 Gb of storage space.

    Though Yahoo’s storage will be very low when compared to Google (100 MB Vs 1GB) but this move has made many yahoo user’s to change their minds to move over to google stating “Google is a toddler” when compared to yahoo’s experience of web mail and “this is too good to last for long”, which is also true. Though this made many industry hot shots like Hotmail, Rediff and Lycos to shoot up their storage space, yahoo missed a important part in the battle, though it started to offer 100 Mb of space it for got to offer many of its localised domain users 100Mb space.

    People with local accounts like “.co.in ” are still stuck with 6Mb of space , hasn’t yahoo just lost the battle which it was trying so desperately trying to draw with Google . However, Google’s Gmail is yet to come out of its Beta version , Hotmail’s announcements are yet to materlize (hotmail promises 250MB ,which is yet to be seen )
    The only fellows operating freely and with out hitch seem to be Lycos and Rediff offering a respectable 150 and 1000Mb of email storage space each .

    So what so ever the difficulties may be for yahoo the co.in,. domain user feel cheated and are moving to other web mail offerers.
    ________________________________________________________________________plz lemme know your thoughts in this topic

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    My personal thoughts are that for normal e-mail, 100Mb would be adequate. I could only see a use for 1000Mb if I were into some serious file swapping, then it would be maximum attachment size that would be a major consideration as well.

    I am only speaking personally of course, but even over a number of years my e-mail has not got to much above 50Mb on the local server, my private e-mail is less than 10Mb at home.

    If I get an attachment, I would normally detach it, and file it where it belonged..........in other words just use the e-mail as a carrier mechanism.

    This machine has a 6.4 and a 2.1Gb drive in it, and is only around half-full. I have machines with much larger storage, and they are even less utilised.

    I can see large storage requirements for graphics, music, and games, but I would not want to store them in my e-mail app..............I would want them all together or in their own folders so that I could access them easily, index them and so on.

    I think that it is a bit of marketing hype..............rather like processor speeds once you get above 1.5Ghz?

    just my thoughts

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