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    Why on earth are you suggesting to turn off ICF????
    ICF may or may not be up2par but it's better than no firewall at all.

    AFAIK s/he didn't tell us what firewall s/he is using so it may or may not be ICF.

    If your running Windows XP pro...you can turn off the Internet Connection Firewall via services...goto start->run then type in mmc...once there hit ctrl-M then goto add...scroll down to services then click add and then finish...close the windows out
    Isn't Start->Run... services.msc<ENTER> a whole lot easier?
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    UHH first off depends on what ISP you have maby you can try to change your IP unless you have dial up it changes every time and you could most likely report him to your ISP if you pay but if you have free internet you may be a little screwed there... but you can also block his IP if you no how or you may be able to just stop him while he is in your system if you know how it is pretty easy to learn i have heared

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    And by the way people will start to get real mad if you always type in all caps most people get real mad and say stuff to any one just a forworning...

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